We accept payment by credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other payment methods.

Subscribing to the BlancVPN improves your security when using the Internet, helps to bypass blocked services and get access to foreign websites. To pay: 1. Open the BlancVPN Telegram bot and start a conversation. 2. The menu will appear. Choose «Subscribe» or «Extend subscription», then choose the subscription period. Longer subscriptions are the most cost-effective! 3. You will be automatically redirected to the payment system website. Type your email, if the account is new. 4. Choose a payment method. Follow the instructions on the screen (for example, tap on «Pay»). Indicate your credit card, digital wallet, or other payment method details. 5. As soon as the payment is completed, go back to the BlancVPN Telegram bot. You will receive a notification that your payment has been accepted and the subscription has been renewed.

Well done! You are now subscribed to a good VPN service.

If you pay by card, the automatic renewal of the subscription is activated. You may change the card or deactivate automatic renewal in the Telegram bot or your personal account.

After the payment, you will have access to all of the locations and VPN protocols of the BlancVPN. You are free to switch between them without restrictions.

Go to the page with guidelines on setting up a VPN to connect your device to the VPN.