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How to use the random password generator

To create a new password, press "Generate New Password".
. There is a "Copy" button next to the generated password.
Click it to copy the password.

The generator's default settings are enough to create strong and tamper-resistant passwords. However, you can change the generation settings:

How is password strength determined?

Password strength is determined by its resistance to brute force hacking using brute force combinations. (bruteforce.) That's why the strongest passwords are long, random and unique.

The shorter the password, the easier it is to crack. Trying all possible combinations of 6 characters takes only two minutes. It only takes 2 minutes to try all the possible combinations of 6 characters. An 8-symbol password can be hacked in three hours; a 12-symbol password can be hacked in three years. The attack is usually software, not manually, which speeds up the cracking process.

This is true only for random passwords, however. If the passphrase is something related to the owner, such as the birthdates of his kids or his dog's name, or a chorus line. information related to the owner, such as the birthdates of their kids, their dog's name, or a chorus line from of a favorite song, it takes the least amount of time to crack the password, no matter how long it is.

Our generator generates random, long and unique passwords


These are the ones most resistant to bruteforce attacks. Set your preferences or create a password with the default settings and you get a passphrase that can take years, decades, or even thousands of years to crack, decades, even thousands of years.

How the random password generator works

The Random Password Generator creates passwords using a random number generator: it fills an array of An array of data and then converting those random numbers into readable characters using a table. It's A purely mathematical function that works without human involvement.

The generator also only works locally, in your browser. You can disable the Internet and Try multiple passwords with different parameters and get the passphrases you need. You may also You can also test the page code yourself and make sure that the generator is run by a browser. Generated passwords are never sent over the Internet

Secure random password generators meet three requirements

Use mathematical and cryptographic methods to generate passwords based on randomness rather than patterns
Create long passwords from random characters, which are resistant to brute force hacking
Create passwords exclusively on the device, not on the server

How is a strong password different from a weak password?

A strong password meets three requirements: it is random, long and unique.

- is a password that is generated from random characters. Unfortunately, the human brain cannot create a truly random combination - we are used to looking for patterns and sequences. That's why a random number generator The random number generator comes to the rescue.

Strong passwords meet all three requirements simultaneously. For example, the password groundcontroltomajorTom is not secure. Despite the fact that it is long, it is not random. Therefore, it can easily be cracked in a " dictionary attack". Password 8PjRK is not secure. Although it is random, it is short - so it can easily can be easily cracked by a simple brute force attack.

Which passwords are easy to crack?

The easiest passwords to crack are non-random, non-unique and short. For example:

  • The date of a child's birthday, wedding, or other important event. An intruder who knows the owner of such a password can easily pick the right combination.
  • Child's name, dog's name, street name. Similarly, it is easy for intruders to pick a password. What's more attackers don't even need to know the owner - just run a "dictionary attack".
  • Phrases from songs, movies, literary works. Vulnerable to the "dictionary attack.
  • Combinations of "qwerty", "password", "12345678", "passw0rd", etc. When hacking by brute force. brute force attackers use the most popular passwords in the first place.
  • .

When should I use a random password generator?

We recommend that you use the random password generator anytime you need to come up with a new password. when signing up for a new online service or changing an old one.

Prandom passwords should be stored in a safe place. For example, using password managers. In order to come up with a a password you need to remember, you can use a random word from the dictionary. For example, alt1m3t3rchimpanzeef01l.