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Checking domains using online WHOIS database.

What is Domain Whois

Whois is detailed information about the domain. It tells you the date of registration, name of the registrar, who owns the domain, and much more. It tells you the registrar, who owns the domain, and much more.

In order to find out about a site simply type in the domain (e.g. blancvpn.com or www.blancvpn.com) in the box on this page and click the search button. You will have a Whois in a few seconds.

The Whois of the domain contains key information about the domain:

Where does the Whois information come from?

The information contained in the Whois is provided when registering a domain in accordance with international Internet laws and regulations. They are primarily there to protect

The Whois is primarily for the protection of consumers.

The Whois is also necessary for the overall health of the Internet. For example, to make sure the DNS servers correctly convert the domain you enter into the IP address of the server hosting the site correctly.

Why should I check the Whois of the site?

Say you see an ad for a store that sells a new iPhone at a suspiciously low price. Enter the domain into our Whois service to find out when it was registered. If the registration date If the domain was set up a couple of weeks ago then it's definitely not worth

That online store is definitely not worth trusting.

It's similar with online banks. Often phishers send out phishing links in emails, which imitate real online bank pages. After clicking on them and entering the username and password the person can lose their money. Checking the domain of an online bank will help to make sure it is a real bank, And not a fake one.

Domain Whois will also help web admins who want to create a website, but the domain they want wants to start their site, but the domain is busy. You can use Whois to find out when it's "released" or who the administrator is. However Remember that the owner of a domain can extend its registration for any length of time you want.