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Through encrypted traffic and dedicated servers, our VPN makes sure you are the only person with access to your data.

Not any hackers, not any government, and not even us.

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BlancVPN constantly audits all its services and uses only 100% dedicated servers to prevent any wiretapping!

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Get access to the best VPN for travel, work, and streaming. No matter where you are, we’ll keep all your devices protected.

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Rest easy with the best gaming VPN available

High-speed encryption lets you stream, game, and connect to 4K content without putting your data at risk.

We use Google’s secure Outline VPN protocol to deliver lightning-fast connection with the smallest ping.

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Military-grade Encryption

Browse the internet away from peering eyes with our VPN. BlancVPN encrypts all of your traffic and redirects it through a secure tunnel.

No logs are allowed at BlancVPN — so even we won’t know what you’re up to.

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Connect safely no matter where you are. Now you can finally log on to public networks without giving away your information.

BlancVPN will protect your traffic in any conditions.

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Speak to a real professional. We value privacy and quality, and those chatbots give you neither.

So get the support you need — from installing to ongoing help. We've made it quick and flawless.

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Avoid geoblockers, hide your location, and travel safely with BlancVPN. Connect effortlessly to dozens of servers around the world.

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Data privacy is more important than ever

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Well, it definitely is one of the cheapest and fastest VPN services I've experienced to use. It's ideal, to be frank and open.

The main thing I'd love to point out is the way guys communicate with users. Only a month ago I asked about personal account and today they've already develoved and implemented it. Cool!

Polosh Putri

Easy choice for daily driver

Fast and easy to use VPN, especially Outline protocol. Didn’t have any issues since the start. Reasonable pricing and thoughtful support. Easily recommended 👍


Totally recommended

Great speed, low latency, easy to setup. Use of existing open source protocols and applications (OpenVPN, Outline) guarantees that I can use this VPN everywhere, including my TV and Wi-Fi router.
Main entry point is a telegram bot, that helps avoiding blocks


IMO, It is the best VPN I ever used

It doesn't require any additional applications. I just connect on many devices to it using WireGuard (and OpenVPN on ubuntu). What else... It has many locations so I can get fast (what's important) access to services from different countries. What about prices, they aren't cheap but It's worth it

Vladislav Danshov

High speed servers

High speed servers, technical support responds quickly. Quick connection setup.

Dmitry Shkuro
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Frequently asked questions

A VPN protects your data. At BlancVPN, we send all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This means hackers, governments, and internet providers don’t know who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing.
Yes, absolutely! We pride ourselves in offer military-grade encryption with frequently updated protocols with our VPN. No logs means that even we don’t see your data.
When you sign up, we’ll refund your money within the first 30 days – no questions asked. Just reach out to our customer service if you decide to end your data protection for any reason.