To set up a VPN with the WireGuard client on Android smartphones you will need a WireGuard app and a configuration file:

1. Install WireGuard from Play Market or F-Droid app repository.

2. Get the .conf configuration file from the or your BlancVPN personal account:

  • Choose the location, then «Other protocols» → «WireGuard». Save the required amount of .conf configuration files.

3. Open WireGuard. Tap «+» in the bottom right corner, then – «Import from file or archive».

4. When the file manager opens, choose the installed .conf file (it may be stored in Downloads).

5. Turn on the added VPN tunnel by toggling on the switch next to its name. If your operating system asks to allow turning on VPN - tap «Оk» or «Allow».

Well done! You are now connected to the fast VPN.

You may request VPN configurations for other regions and add them to WireGuard, following the same guidelines. This will allow you to change regions, if necessary.

Please note that you can’t use one configuration file on two devices in the same location. For example, if you have downloaded the file «WGSE…._5.conf» on your Android, please use the file «WGSE…_4.conf» for another device in the same location and so on. The same file may be used only in another location.

If you face any difficulty, please contact our support service. We are always here to help you!

Make sure BlancVPN is working

After setting up BlancVPN on your device, check if it's working correctly