The easiest way to protect your Smart TV when popular streaming services (or YouTube, for example) are blocked is to install a VPN directly on your router. You may do it following our guidelines.

Besides, a VPN may be installed on your TV operated by Android TV (such Smart TV models as Sony, Xiaomi, and others).

Preliminaries: creating «a bridge» for the file exchange

To set up a VPN you will need to send a configuration file from your smartphone to your TV. For that, «a bridge» allowing to send files from one device to another has to be created. We propose using a Send files to TV program.

1. Download a Send files to TV program on both devices: your smartphone and TV.

2. Download a file manager on your TV, if there is none. You could try File Commander Manager.

3. Download a WireGuard VPN client on your TV.

4. Turn off VPN on your smartphone. You could turn it on again as soon as the setting up is over.

5. Make sure your smartphone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Now we may proceed to the setting up itself.

Setting up VPN on your TV

To set up VPN on your TV you will need a .conf configuration file. Get the .conf configuration file from the or your BlancVPN personal account:

  • Choose the location, then «Other protocols» → «WireGuard». Save the required amount of .conf configuration files.

Please note that you can’t use one configuration file on two devices in the same location. For example, if you have downloaded the file «WGSE…._5.conf» on your TV, please use the file «WGSE…_4.conf» for another device in the same location and so on. The same file may be used only in another location.

When you have a configuration file:

1. Open Send files to TV on your TV and choose Receive.

2. Open Send files to TV on your smartphone and choose Send.

3. When the file manager opens, find there the previously downloaded .conf file. As a rule, it is stored in Downloads.

4. A file dialog will appear. Among all the receiving devices, choose your TV. The file will be sent to it.

5. Open the WireGuard app on your TV. Tap on the «+» button in the bottom right corner.

6. A file dialog will appear. Choose the file manager: if you have downloaded the File Commander Manager – choose it; if you have another embedded file manager on your TV – choose it.

7. Find the .conf configuration file, previously sent to your TV. It is most likely that the file is stored in the Downloads folder.

8. The configuration will be automatically imported to WireGuard. To activate the VPN, tap on it.

9. When you first connect to a VPN, a connection request will appear, tap on «ОК».

Well done! You are now connected to the fast VPN.

Can I watch 4K videos?

Sure! Our servers have a bandwidth of 2GBps, so you can watch 4K movies and videos without any interruptions, loadings or system hangs.