To set up a BlancVPN using Outline on iOS devices, you'll need a client and a passkey.

1. Download the Outline client for iOS from the App Store.

2. Get the access key for Outline from the your personal account:

  • Personal account. Choose the location. Copy the access key by tapping on it.

3. Open the Outline app.

4. Tap on «Add server» in the center or «+» in the top right corner. Then paste your access key into the input field. Tap on «Add server» → «Connect».

If, when you first connect to the VPN, the «Outline needs your permission to set up a VPN connection to the server..» field will open, allow the Outline to connect.

If you face any difficulty, please contact our support service. We are always here to help you!

Make sure BlancVPN is working

After setting up BlancVPN on your device, check if it's working correctly